That Was Real

I was in a
deep sleep
when suddenly
I looked at
the time which
in red LED lights
showing 3:15 a.m.
I’m thinking in
two more hours
it will be time
to get out of
bed and get
ready for work
but after five
minutes passed
by I realized
that I’m retired
and no need to
get out of bed
that early.

That was really

He Said/She Said Tuesday Edition

He: Oh oh! She’s just came through the front door.
I hope she is in a better mood than yesterday.
Hi. Did you find what you were looking for?
Don’t hi me! I see that you didn’t now the grass,
nor trim the hedges. What excuse are you going to
give me this time?
He: Well, I kind of nodded off for a bit, and, and …
She: Here we go again. Maybe I should my boots on,
since the bull shit gets deeper and deeper, with every
word that comes out of your mouth.
He: I had all the intentions of doing the lawn and hedges.
But like I told you, I nodded off.
She: You could have done those easy jobs, after you took
your nap.
He: I suppose I could have, but after I woke up, I had
a yen for some munchies, and the afternoon jolt of coffee.
She: Your full of shit. Really! You’ve taken retirement
not only from work, also from doing anything concerning
the house and yard.
He: How about I now the lawn, and take care of the hedges,
She: Yeah right! By the way, I’m staying home tomorrow.
He: All day?
She: Yes! All day.
He: Shit!
She: What did you just say?
He: Nothing.
She: Bull shit! You know what you said.
He: What’s for supper?
She: You can make your supper, a and don’t even think of
calling for take out, you lazy bastard.

She was so pissed, that she gave him the silent treatment,
which lasted for the rest of evening.

A Witty Answer

A short chit chat with a female resident of the building we live in.

Me: Your fully retired, right?

She: Yes. And you?

Me: Yes.

She: What did you do?

Me: Worked!

I thought that was a good answer. I mean, you work, and then when you hit age 62 or whatever, then you retire.

On Being Homeless

This is a true story about being homeless.

It all began in 2008, when I got laid off from the job that I had since 1997. I was getting a lot overtime, sometimes starting as early as 4:00 in the morning, and sometimes working till almost 9:00 pm.
So I was making good money, then in the mid 2000s, the OT started to slowly dwindle. Then there were the weeks if I was lucky to get in full weeks worth of work. In January of 2008, I was let go. That was a big shock to the system.

Up next was collecting unemployment. That’s when things started getting iffy. I was slowly getting behind on the bills, then the notifying my landlord, that I was out of work, and he was understanding about it. He let me work off some of the rent, by doing some cleaning up of the property, and doing some painting.

Now comes August of the following year. My unemployment dried up, plus I got fed up looking for work, as few if any was hiring. So now, I’m caught in a Catch 22 situation. With no money, donated some of my furniture, and other stuff to a church, which was located across the street. Next it was to a motel, for a few days, that my sons paid for, then I realized that something had to be done.

I was referred to a homeless shelter, which was recommended by Elder Services. So I went to the shelter, with reservations, as I have always heard some bad shit about them. The shelter isn’t the greatest, but you do what you have to do. Your out into the street all day, and if the weather sucks, then your just plain miserable. I would spend a lot of time in the local library, and then head back to the shelter just before 5:00 pm. I did this for seven weeks, when finally one of the workers at the shelter, gave me the good news, that was giving me my own room, and away from the maddening crowd.

While I was upstairs, there were other people, I believe 14-15 of them. Some male and few females. I won’t get into what the goings were. Anyways, while I was there, I started looking for work again, and I went back to the unemployment office, and found out that they owed me over $3,000 in back unemployment payments. Now things were starting to look better. I opened a new bank account, and banked most of it. Hit the lottery a couple of times, which was around $300.00 or close to that. In January of 2010, finally got a part-time job. Then at the end of February I finally got an apartment, that I can call my own, and come and go as I please.

Today, I have since moved into a one-bedroom apartment, which I share with a partner that I met, when both became homeless at the same time. She is a wonderful person, and we get along great. It will be two years, this March 19 that we have been living together. We have gotten a new couch, cocktail table, two end tables comfortable recliner for her, and a wide screen TV.

Now that I am retired, my life has being very good, and now I can enjoy life.

The reason I wrote this, it has been something that I’ve been wanting to get off my chest, but couldn’t seem to get my head around it. What pushed me to write this now, was in a response to a comment on a post that I wrote: Liberal. The comment was about homeless people are either drug users, or have mental problems. Reading that, kind of pissed me off. Homelessness can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter what race you are, have lost a job, lost a home due to a fire, or for numerous other reasons.

So if you want to know what its like to be homeless, take a walk in my shoes, or anyone else who is homeless, and then get back to me and tell me what the feeling is like. It is not a good one at all.

A Pondering Mind 2014

Pay them the minimum wage

Since the government is shut down, for the second time in the last 17 years, the people who are so supposed to represent us, the Congress and the Senate, should have their pay reduced. They should get the minimum wage, which is around $8.00 an hour, pay for their own health insurance, and no more than two weeks vacation.

The people who are supposed to be working for us, get away with a lot of bullshit, and could care less about what is going on. True, there are some good people in both houses of Congress, but there the ones who can’t seem to drill it into the so called Tea Party nuts of the Republican Party. These clowns think they can do just what the hell they feel like doing, and that is putting the screws to ordinary people, who have to work, or don’t work, because of different reasons.

How would they like it, if they was paid the minimum wage?

It’s time for them to stop nit picking, and get real.