4 thoughts on “Job hunting in the 1930’s.

  1. hmmm…today, I have seen mainly cards that read: “Homeless…Any donation will help.” However, when I was in Bellingham, there was a truck parked across from the apartment building and on its windows, in large white letters, was written: “Will do any type of work for a cup of coffee and a meal.” What kinds of signs do you see where you live? Do you think people are less confident today that they have something to offer in exchange for work? Sometimes when I try to find someone to help me with a handyman project–well, actually, 99% of the time–they reply, “We don’t do small jobs.” So then I end up doing it myself…and it takes me a long time…running to and from the YOU TUBE instructions. Do you think people are less industrious today? I am beginning to think there is an entire lost generation—it is said 4 grandparents out of 10 are taking care of their grandchildren in Wisconsin. I wonder what the statistics are in other states? I am so sorry…I have gone off track…you got me PONDERING!

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    1. I have seen anyone with signs saying they will this or that for meal, etc., etc. It seems that a lot of people are just too damn lazy, and really don’t give a crap about it.

      By the way, I love your PONDERING comment…


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