Two Kinds of Stress ~ Hank Green

I deal with stress in two ways because there two kinds of stress. There’s stress you can take care of and there’s stress that you can’t. The first one, I take care of it fast as possible, but putting it off always makes it worse. Things that I can’t fix? I think about the fact that I can’t fix them. I think about why I can’t fix and I come to terms with the fact this is a problem that I’m not going to overcome and that the world is not a wish granting factory.
~ Hank Green, Vlogbrothers, Raw Onion, Twerking, and Speech Jam, 08-30-13

Arthur Williams Quote

“I don’t believe people die from hard work. They die from stress and worry and fear — the negative emotions. Those are the killers, not hard work. The fact is, in our society today, most people don’t understand what hard work is all about.”

– Arthur Williams