Problem And Soultion

If your problem has a solution then… why worry about it? If your problem doesn’t have solution then… why worry about it?

Chinese Proverb


The rich man gets his ice in the summer and the poor men gets his in the winter.
-Polish Proverb

Zen Proverb

“Student says ” I am very discouraged. What should I do?” Master says, “encourage others.”

– Zen Proverb

What is Life

What is life? It is the
flash of a firefly in the
night. It is the breath
of a buffalo in the
wintertime. It is the
little shadow which
runs across the grass
and loses itself in
the sunset.

Native American Proverb

Zen Proverb

The blue mountains are of themselves blue mountains;
The white clouds are of themselves white clouds.

Zenrin Kushu

Zen Proverb

Simplicity before
understanding is
simplistic; simplicity
after understanding
is simple.

Edward De Bono


Think of your own faults the first part of the night when you are awake, and
of the faults of others the latter part of the night when you are asleep.

Chinese Proverb

Source: enproverbia

Who can do, …….

Who can do, don’t want to;
Who wants to, can’t do;
Who knows how to do, won’t do it;
Who does it, doesn’t know how to;
and, so, badly goes the world.

— Italian Proverb

Quotes Wave


A bath refreshes the body, tea refreshes the mind.

— Japanese Proverb


Knowledge without wisdom is a load
of books on the back of an ass.

— Japanese Proverb


First the man takes a drink,
then the drink takes a drink,
then the drink takes the man.
— Japanese Proverb


There’s one law for the rich
and another for the poor.
— English Proverb

The Zen proverb ….

The Zen proverb, ‘in summer we sweat; in winter we shiver,’ is meant to
illustrate the importance of not trying to escape or avoid our present situation.
— Rebecca Otowa


A round egg can be made square
according to how you cut it.
— Japanese Proverb