No Name Park

I’ve been living in this part of the city for five years, and have no idea what the name of the park is. I have asked people who have lived here a lot longer than me, and they don’t know what the name is, or if it ever had a name. The park is so small, that a person can do a complete walk around it in a minute, two at the most. September 3 2014

13 thoughts on “No Name Park

  1. so where is this city? reminds me of some of the smaller towns i’ve seen in kansas.



  2. Our family tends to call parks by made-up names, such as the fox park, where we see foxes, the pine tree park, which is shaded by pines, and the big park, because, well, you get it. Have you tried Googling on a map, small scale? I found in Savannah, every one of those tiny squares of green had a name.


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