3:00 A.M. – A Short Story

Every morning, at 3:00 a.m., you will find an elderly gentleman, sitting in his favorite booth, having a cup of coffee. He has been patronizing this certain coffee shop, since he retired many years ago from the book editing job, that he had for over 35 years.

He usually is the only one there, and he has gotten use to the solitude he enjoys. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like. It can be cold, hot and humid, raining or snowing, it will not stop him from walking the two blocks from where he lives in a high rise downtown apartment.

When he’s finished his coffee, he will take one to go, and then stop at the kiosk, and by the morning newspaper. Later in the day, he will take a nap, recharge his batteries, and then he will go about whatever he feels like doing.

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  1. At 3.00 am every morning this elderly ‘gentleman’ will be found in his kitchen finishing off his breakfast and placing a pod in the machine to make coffee to take back to work on all my mail. Just as well I do it here as under lockdown there’s nowhere out there to sit with a coffee.


  2. And does he take cream and sugar in his coffee? Or drink it black?

    Inquiring minds need to know in order to decide if he’s a stuffed shirt bore or a charming, smooth talking, skirt chasing operator.


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