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With a mass shooting in a supermarket, which earlier last year.
In late November a lake effect snowstorm which buried the greater
Buffalo area.
Then the blizzard in late December which paralyzed the city and its
environs, and the people who lost their lives.
And last, Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills going into cardiac arrest.

With all that said, my heart is with the Buffalo Bills, and rooting for them
to get to the Super Bowl and come away with a win.

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  1. Carolyn Page Avatar
    Carolyn Page

    An extreme amount of grief!
    I’m not a fan of football, even here in Australia I follow it not. However, I truly appreciate your desire for a win for The Buffalo Bills.
    Here’s hoping

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    1. A Pondering Mind Avatar
      A Pondering Mind

      Thank you, Carolyn

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