Concerning Boston Marathon Bomber Manhunt

Concerning the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bomber, I decided not blog about  it, as I felt that just about every living person on the planet has seen, heard and read about it. The Boston TV stations have been on it since it this awful event happened. Myself, I can only watch it for so long, and then change the channel to watch something else. Also, am very selective to read online, and in the local newspaper, which is a joke, but that’s story for another time.

I feel bad for the families that lost relatives, and also for the injured, severe and the less severe.

As for the Westboro Baptist Church assholes, the ones that picket certain funerals, want to come to Boston. My advice, stay the fuck away, as you are not wanted.

For the readers of my blog want to read anything about the bombing and manhunt, here is a link (in bold) for The Boston Globe. For the time being, it is free for anyone to peruse. It has all the up to date info, plus videos, photos and slide shows.

Be strong Boston

19 thoughts on “Concerning Boston Marathon Bomber Manhunt

  1. I feel you on all of this.
    I have nothing nice to say about those #%^*@&$! Or that so called church either.
    My prayers definitely go out to the families that lost their loved ones in all this evil insanity. And – may the souls of the departed rest in peace.


  2. Don, my hero. This is one of the best posts you have written. This alone, was worth me logging on tonight. I will check out what I’ve missed here, and leave that as my happy night.


      1. I love it. It’s also a nice change of pace too. I know how hard this is for you too, because you live there. I’m like you, watch and then change the channel. Expecially now that I’m taking a break, when I do log onto WP-it’s all I read about. I like how you stated things. Short, sweet and to the point, using my most fave word, fuck.

        You rock. Know that from behind the scenes, I am reading your blog every few days, even though I don’t hit like. You are one of my faves, and this post only solidified it for me.


        1. Again Amber, thank you. I have always done well in writing, and when I was in college, which was back in the early 90s, I practically aced English Lit. 1.

          I love to write, but I always wondered who would read it? But now you have given me some inspiration to write more, maybe not everyday, but at least a couple of times a week.


          1. So, I had a wicked response all typed up, and then boom! It’s gone! WP, how you can give me stress!

            Short version of what I was trying to say before deletion happened-

            That’s why I call you Don my hero-you swoop in from nowhere, make my day and inspire me. You are a good writer-a good one. I don’t throw those words out lightly. I just don’t, I read a lot of bullshit and crap and people think they rock. Well, they don’t. You my friend, are good. I think, what if he wrote about this tradegy and it wasn’t ‘a rant’ what if he wrote a story? what if…see where I’m going with this…hell, just write and email it to me, I’ll read it!

            I’m glad we inspire each other. I’m glad I started blogging cause I get to meet you…and a few others…Unhide/unleash your talents my friend. Then you can guest blog on a ladys site! 🙂


            1. When I first started this blog (three years ago), I was doing some ranting, and it really got me nowhere. I will write on just about any topic, except the mushy, romantic stuff. That’s not me. Anyways, when ever I get the notion to write, I will do it, and love people like you who acknowledge my talent.


  3. Bonjour Don! I agree with what you wrote. The whole world is with you. I will not add anything else, because what happened, speaks for itself in my opinion. Prayer is more appropriate I think.


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