Several Trees In Full Blossom

After yesterday’s crappy weather, today turned out to be a fantastic day. Here’s a couple of photos I took of the blossoming trees.

Click on images for the full size.

© Doninmass
© Doninmass

Here is the other in black & white.

© doninmass
© doninmass


10 thoughts on “Several Trees In Full Blossom

  1. Reblogged this on Mmnmom's Blog and commented:
    It’s nice to know that somewhere in the North there are trees that know it is spring. Here in the upper Midwest ours think it is January. These twice weekly snow storms are dragging winter closer to summer every day! Our local high school spring athletics still haven’t had a game or track meet this season and school has been extended through the first week of June. Local farmers are in a quandary be happy for the extra moisture to start the season or be worried about the late start and therefore late harvest. Late harvest around here comes with consequences like early frost and snow, rain making fields too wet to harvest, wind storms taking down the crop before its ready to harvest. You know, small things like that. Farmers around here put the Vegas boys to shame with the risks that they take while trying to support their families and provide the area with food. *Toast* To warmer weather and a nice little bit of spring before the summer slams into us!


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