I See No Harm For A Woman To Breastfeed Her Baby In Public

What is so bad or wrong for Karlesha Thurman, who had just received her diploma from California State University – Long Beach,to breastfeed her three month old baby? Breastfeeding in public is protected by California law.

Well some people decided to go bat shit crazy after the photo of her and the baby went viral. Personally I have no qualms with a mother breastfeeding her child. But some people love to criticize and find fault with it. Those people are just a bunch of losers, who have nothing better to do, than to bash anyone, for any asinine reason they can come up with. It’s the same with politics, bashing, lying, twisting things around, because they think they have the sense to do so. There just fucking idiots, and have no use for them.

Here’s the link to the story, and it is a short one with a photo of Karlesha and her baby.

22 thoughts on “I See No Harm For A Woman To Breastfeed Her Baby In Public

  1. To my mind, only those who have something intrinsically repressed or disturbed within them would take issue with a baby being fed by its mother. The worst comparison I hear, is when people who are told this is a natural event, say that going to the toilet is natural but they don’t do it in public. As though feeding your child is like defecating or passing water. The Victorians were all kinds of messed up mentally because of this kind of thinking, and it is terribly sad, so far as I can see, to make a healthy, normal act into an act of shame.

    – sonmicloud.


    1. It really is sad, and mind numbing to think that breastfeeding is a dirty thing, when it is a natural thing for a baby to nurse on woman’s nipple, than to be bottle fed, filled with over priced formula…


  2. ya know, it’s just sad that something like this causes such an uproar of negativity and ugliness… let a nipple be seen at, say, a Super Bowl halftime show and it’s the most viewed video clip ever but heaven forbid a woman feed her baby…THAT’s considered vulgar. People suck – pun intended LOL


  3. Rhianna and Kim Kardashian wear far less on a good day and we know this because their images are always getting in our faces. This photo shouldn’t even be news, such a shame that it is causing such indignation.


  4. Breastfeeding is something natural. I did it too in public with my son, still I wouldn’t pose for a photo though while doing it. Even though there are enough pictures out to see every day of topless women and nobody complains!


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