What Irks Me No. 2

Say the outside temperature is 98 F, with stifling humidity.

And being outside in such sticky air, and the body is sweaty, and afraid you might have to take to the scissors to extricate one self from the soaked shirt.

Anyways, along comes an idiot, all happy as he/she is whistling some stupid tune and says, “Nice Day’ and/or Beautiful Day.” I’m like ready to bang this person on the upside of his head, and say “Your Nuts!” Seriously.

It’s bad enough the hot, sticky weather gets to me, but when some ass of a person says shit about it being nice or beautiful, needs to be put on some strong meds.

16 thoughts on “What Irks Me No. 2

  1. Oh my goodness, I would be that ass of a person, haha!! I live in constant humid weather so I am used to it and tend to always wish everyone a wonderful day 🙂 (I’ll go get some meds now…..)


  2. and then they tell you you look wonderful when you feel like you are dying and you just had an asthma attack because some idiot smokes a cigarette in your wind direction , because he can’t smoke next to the 80 healthy people at the pool.he is being polite by coming to smoke next to you.then a stupid lady has to come spray sunscreen in your face 50 miles away from the pool & gives you another one. then you can’t wash the sunscreen off because you have no hot water…i was thinking of about 100 irksome things the last two days since i read part 1.LOL


  3. Ha – Love the what irks me theme!
    I’m thinking maybe that person had a looong cold winter…
    Humidity really sucks though.


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