10 thoughts on “Abbie Hoffman On War

  1. Edmark M. Law

    I believe that this quote originated from Carl Sandburg’s book entitled The Peple, Yes (1936):

    “The first world war came and its cost was laid on the people.
    The second world war — the third — what will be the cost.
    And will it repay the people for what they pay?…
    The little girl saw her first troop parade and asked,
    ‘What are those?’
    ‘What are soldiers?’
    ‘They are for war. They fight and each tries to kill as many of the other side as he can.’
    The girl held still and studied.
    ‘Do you know … I know something?’
    ‘Yes, what is it you know?’
    ‘Sometime they’ll give a war and nobody will come.’


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