“The trouble with being a daydreamer who doesn’t say much is that the teachers at school, especially those who don’t know you very well, are likely to think you’re rather stupid. Or, if not stupid, then dull. No one can see the amazing things that are going on in your head.”

~ Ian Mcewan

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  1. I was extremely dyslexic in my school years. I’ve been able to overcome this condition with discipline in learning to read and write, mostly since leaving school. I carried a small dictionary around with me for years. (Major reading events can still cause minor problems.) It was a battle, I’m telling you!
    Back in those days – the 50s and 60s, dyslexic kids, like me, were mostly thought of as dullards! As the years went by I became intent on proving myself to myself. I studied accountancy in my thirties, but soon tired of it; it was boring to me. But, it did, like many other events, show me that I wasn’t a dullard. Phew!
    Today, lots of kids are now able to progress with dyslexia with little disadvantage. And that sure tastes good to me… 🙂

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      1. No, I don’t read a lot of books! However, I do like history and will pour over British history (as in the kings/queens/various periods of time, etc). I also love classical music and love learning about the great masters. But, as for novels, they take too much effort for me. It can only take a page or two for me to know if I will read on. Funnily enough, I loved the Harry Potter series and have read them all. They were ‘easy’ reading for me. Sci-fi was my forte in my teens, plus Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christy were amongst my faves . Most of my learning comes from video. Even my dancing comes easily from the ‘visual’ aspect. If I have to try to decipher something from the written word I do find it rather challenging!
        But, we all go with ‘what we have’. And, for me, that’s visual – more than anything.

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        1. Back in the day I read a lot of history and political books. Now I mostly read novels, short stories, and essays. I don’t care to much for sci-fi, as it bores the shit out of me. I mostly listen to the blues and jazz. Also, classic rock. I used to do a lot of writing, but I have seemed to have lost interest. Maybe someday I will start again.

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          1. I hope you do start writing again. I know you’d have ample writing matter from which to choose! I, for one, would love to read an essay or two of your life experiences. Or, any other matter.
            Go on; start thinking seriously ’bout it… 💕

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