2,000 Turn Out for Biden in Florida as 725 Show up for Ryan in New Hampshire

2,000 Turn Out for Biden in Florida as 725 Show up for Ryan in New Hampshire.

On Saturday, V.P. Joe Biden campaigned in Florida, as 2,000 people listened to him speak. On the other hand, Paul Ryan drew a crowd of 725 in Derry, New Hampshire.

Florida has 27 electoral college votes, NH 4. It doesn’t make sense to be in a state that has a small vote, compared to the some of the bigger states like NY, California, Illinois, etc.

So in a nutshell, Romney/Ryan keep drawing small crowds, and Obama/Biden keep drawing the bigger crowds, it seems to be a no brainer that the voters are tired of listening to the same old stale Reagan & Bush bullshit. Read more at http://www.politicususa.com/2000-turn-biden-florida-725-show-ryan-hampshire.html

Ann Romney is Worried that Mitt is Cracking Up

Ann Romney is Worried that Mitt is Cracking Up.

Anne Romney said her biggest concern about her husband Mitt, is his “mental well being”. She also wished that she never got involved in his presidential run for office, but she said the reason was, no jobs were created during Obama’s first term. Either this woman is looking at the world through rose colored glasses, or she is being a plain ass about it, like the idiots, who collectively would tell same old lies, day in, day out. Read more at http://www.politicususa.com/ann-romney-worries-mitt-romneys-mental.html

Paul Ryan and the Long War on Democracy

When I first heard that Romney picked Paul Ryan to be his running mate, this had the Koch Brothers all over it. In an well written Op-Ed by Danny Weil of Truthout, spells out what the Koch Brothers are up to. Read it at Truthout. The link is below the pic.

Paul Ryan and the Long War on Democracy.

Porn Star Jenna Jameson Endorses Mitt Romney

Credit: Glenn Francis, http://www.PacificProDigital.com

Porn Star Jenna Jameson endorsed Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican candidate for President. The reason she says is, “when your rich, you want a Republican in office.” Now, one has to wonder what Mittens has to say about this, and will be red in the face.

Read it at Politicususa.

‘Kiss My Ass’: Fear and Loathing in the Romney Campaign

Mitt Romney’s traveling press secretary Rick Gorka has no class at all, telling reporters to “kiss my ass.” It seems that Romney refuses to answer any questions from reporters, other than the ones at Fox News, which isn’t saying much, as they will ask him the softball questions, nothing to hard, cause that teax Mitt’s brain, and spew out even more gaffes.

Read it at Real Clear Politics.

‘Kiss My Ass’: Fear and Loathing in the Romney Campaign.

Before He Even Leaves the US, Romney Gets Schooled by Australia

Mitt Romney got caught telling another lie (which is nothing new), saying the Australia foreign minister said that the US was in decline, but it that wasn’t what he said. Of course its another one of Romney’s lies on putting the country’s blame on Obama.

Read the article below in politicususa

Before He Even Leaves the US, Romney Gets Schooled by Australia.

Is Obama Caving In?

The new year is only five days old, and Obama is already caving into the GOP, the Tea Baggers and Sarah Palin. He decided to take out the part; The End of Life rule, which was passed last year, as part of the Health Care Bill. This will make Palin come saying something along the line: this is what “Real Americans Want”. After all this hand wringing, debating, and what have you by the Democrats, Obama decides to drop it from the Health Care Reform. What else will he be dropping from the health care legislation, which this country needs so badly.

I voted for Obama in 2008, because I was convinced he was for the poor folks, and the common man. He came off as a Liberal Democrat, but after two years in office, and I believe now that he his not what he says he is, but acting more like a centrist Republican, and is slowly moving to the right. I’m sure there are other liberal and progressive voters, who feel the same way.

It seems that he is going to end up as a one term president, and if he decides to run for a second term, he will be kicked to the curb, unless he smartens up, and starts helping the people who need the help, instead of big banks, industry, pharmacuetical  and insurance companies.