A Short History Of The Death Of Culture

I would say that most of this is true.

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6 thoughts on “A Short History Of The Death Of Culture

    1. Just look at some of the newspapers, like the one in my area. Crappy writing, misspelled words, bad punctuations, and a lot repeating the same thing, twice and sometimes three times in the same story. Journalism for the most part has gone done the shitter…


      1. I agree. I majored in Journalism and funny enough, it was majoring in it that made me not like it anymore. That and the media in general. I lost all hope. It’s been a while, but I still get pretty angry. However, at least now, I can pick and choose my sources and there are more options out there than there used to be.


  1. We can thank the internet for the choices of what we want to read or not…
    Since newspapers did away with the proof readers, the spell checker doesn’t seem to do much good, but then again, they probably ignore, or turn it off…


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