So ……

So earlier today, A Pondering Mind was outside getting some air. This was close to noon time.
Well, out comes one of my neighbors and this was the gist of the conversation:
He: Nice day, huh!
Me: What?
Off he went on his merry way.
This happened with an overcast sky, 40F, and a damp/raw feel to the air.

Five hours later, a similar conversation took place. This time with a female.
She: Hi
Me: Hi
She: It is snowing.
Me: Huh? It’s 60F, and a light mist.
She: It feels cold.
Me: Whatever
She left a minute or two later.

Nice people, but …. Wow! Talk about living on another planet.


  1. OMG Don you met my neighbors. I do live on another planet! I once had someone probably like yourself ask me, “What’s it like on your planet?” I said, “Well it is always 70ΒΊ and you can eat pie and your butt doesn’t get big.” That’s funny huh? Well to my world Don! Ain’t it great! πŸ™‚ This made me laugh! πŸ™‚


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