1. This is interesting to me. Being a meditator on a spiritual path many realities arrive intuitively, organically.

    You learn that the ego and the left cognitive side of the brain have barriers. Thought slows down performance and life tremendously.

    The dialogue believed to be a creative, right sided machination is poetry and thus music.

    The quote I think says the same.


  2. This is so strange that you posted this quote. I have tried so hard to find words for many things, however, I started back playing the piano and find that I am playing things I have not a clue what they are. My fingers play the thoughts in my head and I find the music very lovely and soothing. I think perhaps I should tape what I am playing since I could not replay one thing I played before.

    I am also relearning how to read notes I had forgotten. I only had 12 years of music, majoring is this grand sound for one semester and then realized I could not spend or chose not to spend my time in the music hall all day. What a loss for me in looking back.

    Thanks for the quote.


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