15 thoughts on “Leadership

      1. That the only place you see bullshit?

        Some eould say a narrow judgment

        I trust mothing coming from a politician or so called journalist on all stations

        To believe one side correct


        Now that is a monumental judgment


  1. So very true. They decide what to feed us. The leader of the future? Definitely capable of influencing masses and lead them in the direction wanted or needed… Scary…


  2. Seriously? The hegemony of the Left’s manipulations is so apparent and you poke at Fox? I don’t watch Fox but I know enough that the Left holds a strangle hold on the media and what is covered and covered up. Your credibility suffers I’m afraid…a dangerous thing in these times of a bigger shell game!


  3. I agree with Marty.” I trust nothing coming from a politician or so called journalist on all stations”. Having been a true democrat for over 30 years, I recently changed my political affiliation as Independent.

    The “News” is nothing more than than media hype, entertainment to stir emotions and hatred.. Say whatever, as fact, to get the viewers. Dummy down the viewers with 1/2 truths. Both sides.

    You have to do your ‘do diligence’ to get to the truth than unfortunately, follow the money. All about money and power, special interests. No longer for “we the people”.


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