22 thoughts on “For What Its Worth

  1. I’m reminded of the old joke about a drunk who was seen one night looking for something under a lamppost. When asking what he was looking for, he replied, “My wallet. I dropped it across the street.”.
    “Then why aren’t you looking for it there?”
    “Because the light is better here.”

    Too many people are looking for the country’s lost soul under the lamppost, but it’s lost in Trump’s darkness. We need to light up the whole street if we’re going to recover our soul.

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  2. I’m not sure if it ever had a soul, or it was just good at covering up all the hatred and lies. Now they’re out in the open and we can see the insanity that was always under the surface. Having an insane president just adds to the mix. People are crazy, thinking that wearing a mask is a loss of freedom. I falsely imagined that people would understand that wearing a mask would stop them from dying and killing other people, which would be an ACTUAL loss of freedom forever. Maddness.

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  3. I can’t vote in the USA, as I am a Canadian. I’m so hoping Joe will win, and that fire breathing, golf playing evil dragon will lose.
    From up here, it’s looking like a civl war brewing.
    Looking good in your mask! I have a collection! I’ve been wearing a mask since late Feb.!


    1. What is happening in Portland, is what I would classify it as a civil war, and I’m afraid it’s going to get worse. The asshole needs to be booted out of office. Thank you for liking thr updated avatar.

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