Change Is Coming

Change is coming. Finally, at 12:00 pm, January 20, 2020 the the four year shit show in Washington, will be coming to an end. Normalcy, sanity and reconnecting the country back to dealing with other nations, with some great people in Biden’s cabinet.

Let’s hope we never have to go through again, with the clowns that was occupying the White House.

6 replies on “Change Is Coming”

  1. Fingers crossed, but he’s not going to go away. I wish they would eliminate him from the news and not give him any air time while he tries to destroy as much as he can before he’s dragged away, still screaming that he’s president. He already plans on running in the next election and the GOP is behind him. Hateful people. Some people love him and that’s the part that’s really terrifying. Yes, he will mend the fences broken by the idiot and that’s a good thing.


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