Second Covid-19 Vaccine Shot

I got my second Pfizer vaccine shot today. So, in about two weeks, I should be 95% protected. Still will be wearing the mask, and it looks like its going to be a while, before that becomes history. Now to wake up with a sore arm in the morning, along above average glucose (sugar) readings. This time I know what to expect, as far the sugar, and other minor stuff that may happen.

10 replies on “Second Covid-19 Vaccine Shot”

  1. Congratulations to you. I can’t have the vaccine for probably 6 to 8 months. I have all kinds of bizarre reactions to medications and vaccines so I have to wait and get more data.


      1. I will, thanks. I hit the grocery store only every 12 to 14 days and I go the moment it opens so I’m out before there are even six or seven customers there. And I always do my shopping in 15 minutes or less.


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