Interesting People

When I venture out for a walk, I sometimes meet some interesting people…from all walks of life. They could be dog walkers…people going or returning from an errand…the homeless… some of them I’ve gotten to know over the past few years…sometimes I’ll give them a dollar or two, as I know how it is to be in their predicament… then there was a woman who was sitting on the boardwalk bench and I told her I liked her new bicycle…she was tickled pink telling me how she was tracking it online from where the bike was shipped from California….
Anyway you never know who you’ll see…run into…and say hello and maybe a conversation

4 thoughts on “Interesting People

  1. When I see someone homeless, I ask if they have eaten. Last week there was a gal who said she was fleeing domestic violence. She said she didn’t eat much but I bought her something from the supermarket.

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