Big Cities Change

“The way our big cities change sucks. The beauty of cities was that they were edgy, sometimes even a little dangerous. Artists, poets, and activists could come and unify and create different kinds of scenes. Not just fashion scenes, scenes that were politically active. Big cities are getting so high-end oriented, business corporate fashion, fashion not in an artistic sense but in a corporate sense. For me that edgy beauty of cities is lost, wherever you go.”

~ Patti Smith

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  1. Mmmmmm not sure about that. It’s not the cities, it’s the people. What’s important has changed and there’s more hatred and violence, rather than just people living and looking for better ways to do it. Creativity now has a price tag, and art has become a commodity. Everything is about money and it’s so very expensive to live. So the cities are still beautiful and filled with creativity but the people have changed everywhere. I love all your great quotes Donald.

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