My Story – 49 Words of Humor

High reeders, i DiscoveRed this fantastik thing called spel chek. As i tipe; It correcs the misspelld wurd and oughto correks it. It truelee amasez me wat this spelt checcer dos. I reccamand every1 tooo yuse it. yoUll will bee happee as jak frost on a rottid punkim. tRusT mee.

12 thoughts on “My Story – 49 Words of Humor

  1. Why is that Google spell check (and Word) refuse to even ADD ‘fuck.’
    You may be aware that this is one of my favorite verbs/nouns/etc.
    No matter what… I continue to get Do You Mean Truck You?
    Not to mention the apostrophe problem… every time I use one. spellchaek is AWYS Incrrct


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