She said, He said

She said: Wake up and smell the coffee.
He said: Smells good.
She said: How can you drink it without cream/milk and/or sugar?
He said: Easy.
She said: Easy?
He said: Coffee tastes best in its natural state. Nothing added.
She said: Yuk!
He said: Have you ever really tried it drinking it black?
She said: Not really.
He said: Then you don’t know what your missing.
She said: Then I Guess I will never find out.
He said: You don’t know what your missing in life, drinking coffee, the real and only way to drink it.
She said: You remind me of the people who use a pen to do the crossword puzzle.
He said: The only I have solved the puzzles using a pen. Black ink of course.
She said: You and the color black:
He said: Newspapers and crossword puzzle books, are printed in black and white.
She said: If you make a mistake with a pencil, you use an eraser clean up, and put the correct letters/word.
He said. Using an eraser makes a mess of it, and besides, white out works wonders on covering the mistake(s) by using a pen.
She said: Smart Ass!
He said: That’s right!

14 thoughts on “She said, He said”

  1. Omg! This is mine and my gf conversation this morning, I was doing the crossword and she said better to do it on the computer. And at the same time I had made a mistake and allowed her to buy the coffee the and got some walnut flavoured coffee. .. aaahhhh. Ah well..


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