Just A Thought

With all
the snow
in the
past three
weeks, which
was a
good amount,
there is
one way
and the
best way
of looking
at it,

No sense
in getting
all bent
out of
shape, as
it won’t
do you
any good.

Besides, its
Enjoy it,
maybe next
Winter will
be one
of those
small amounts
of snow.


    1. Extreme weather bothers me too as far as feeling for the animals & homeless too.
      And – today & the rest of the week is supposed to be horrific too – as far as freezing temps go.


  1. Here in S. E. Ohio we are not having the amount of snow N.E. is having, but we ARE having COLD. Today’s high is going to be only 6 degrees F. The local newscasts give a nightly countdown to the first day of spring. Still, you are right, we need to look on the bright side (even if it IS snow blindness). 😎


  2. I have no idea why too many people get upset during snowy weathers, it’s really amazing to find everything around us covered in white, it actually gives life around us some kind of beauty we miss during summer.


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