21 thoughts on “Bertrand Russell Quote

  1. Do wise people doubt that sexism, racism, racial profiling and hate is wrong? Do they doubt that grabbing a woman is wrong, that having them die from back alley abortions is wrong? What do wise people doubt today? Do they doubt that our country being on the top of the list for human rights violations is wrong? That the line between the filthy rich and everyone else is wrong? What do the wise doubt today? Seriously, what? Do they doubt that building a wall between countries is wrong? What does Russell mean? If the wise are doubtful about what’s going on in this country, they aren’t wise, they are deluded.


  2. I have a variation of this quote by Bertrand Russell framed & hanging by my computer:
    “The trouble with the world is the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.”


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