Behind The Times

It was a great time
to be outdoors to
enjoy the nice weather.
So, I was looking at my
phone, and thought it
would be a good time
to go to my blog.

Along comes Ollie aka
‘The Village Idiot.’

He stops and asks me
what am I doing? I tell
him, I’m typing a post.
He said, that’s not a
typewriter. I know that.
You know Ollie, this is
not 1985, its 2015.
People can now use their
phones to type a post,
send a message, just about
do anything they like. Plus
they can talk and listen to.

Well, needless to say, Ollie
aka ‘The Village Idiot’ was
totally in awe, and didn’t
know what to say, so off
he went on his merry way.
It saved me the time to have
to explain how the times
have changed.