The Seasons

“January cold and desolate;February dripping wet;March wind ranges;April changes;Birds sing in tuneTo flowers of May,And sunny JuneBrings longest day;In scorched JulyThe storm-clouds fly,Lightning-torn;August bears corn,September fruit;In rough OctoberEarth must disrobe her;Stars fall and shootIn keen November;And night is longAnd cold is strongIn bleak December.” ~ Christina Rossetti

Speak Your Mind

“I’d turn off the internet for a month and make us actually talk to each other, and be responsible for your opinions and not be able to hide behind the anonymity of the cyber-wall to speak your mind. To actually have to face people and see their reactions and discuss it – actually discuss it.Continue reading “Speak Your Mind”

Philosophical Questions

“Philosophical questions are not by their nature insoluble. They are, indeed, radically different from scientific questions, because they concern the implications and other interrelations of ideas, not the order of physical events; their answers are interpretations instead of factual reports, and their function is to increase not our knowledge of nature, but our understanding ofContinue reading “Philosophical Questions”

We Need To Write

“We need to write because so many of our stories are not being heard. Where could they be heard in this era of fear and media monopolies? Writing allows us to transform what has happened to us and to fight back against what’s hurting us. While not everyone is an author, everyone is a writerContinue reading “We Need To Write”