Random Photos 29

Scotland’s Fairy Pools / photographer unknown

Camping under the stars. / photographer unknown

See The Difference

Shadow Pattern

Photographer unknown / seen on uberhumor

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

Miles Davis

Hash Brown Waffles

William Inge

The happiest people seem to be those who are producing something; the bored people  are those who are consuming much and producing nothing.

William Inge

Shuttle Launch Seen From A F15

Random Photos 28

Photographers unknown / seen on uberhumor

Has Anyone Read Or Heard Of This Book

Inspirational Quote 9/18/12

Bill Murray Holding A Potted Plant

Source: uberhumor

Fire On The Sky

Source: wallpaper-nature.com

Moonrise Over The Temple Of Poseidon

Photographer unknown

Canadian C.S.I. / Humor

Star Filled Sky

Source: uberhumor

Clever Drain Spout

Source: uberhumor


This Co Pilot Deal Didn’t Work Out

George Carlin Is Right On The Mark

Mont St. Michel Castle

Source: nature-wallpapers.co.uk

Amazing Pixel Art

Seen on uberhumor

Black & White Photo Of A Young Steve Martin

No Doubt About It

Young Homeless Girl In Vancouver, British Columbia – Sad

Dalai Lama XIV

President Obama Is Lifted In The Air By Scott Van Duzer, At The Big Apple Pizza Which He Owns In Ft. Pierce, Florida

When President Obama stopped in at the Big Apple Pizza in Ft. Pierce, Florida, he was greeted with a hug and lifted up in the air by the owner, Scott Van Duzer. Because of what Duzer did, he is getting a lot of flack from the Republican crazies, who need to get a life, and stop acting like the pathetic assholes that they are.

Scott Van Duzer and President Obama, at the Big Apple Pizza, in Ft. Pierce, FL.

Could This Be True

Random Photo 25

Photographer unknown / seen on uberhumor

Paul Sweeney

How can a society that exists on instant mashed potatoes, packaged cake mixes, frozen dinners, and instant cameras teach patience to its young?

Paul Sweeney

Random Photo 24

Photographer unknown / seen on uberhumor

Colorful Autumn Photo 2

Photographer unknown / seen on uberhumor

Colorful Autumn Photo

Photographer unknown / seen on uberhumor

Random Photo 23

Seen on stewpig

Weird Photos

A few weird and/or strange photos seen on the internet.

In Their Younger Days – Barack & Michelle Obama

Seen on: uberhumor

Tornado In Front Of The Road

Source: http://www.qualitywallpapers.eu


Seen on: uberhumor

Thank You Jesus

Random Photo 19

Source: plfoto.com/zdjecia

GOP Translator

Photo From The Past: The Beatles

This Beatles photo, is from the scene during the filming of the movie, Help!

Lightning Striking Chilean Volcano Mid-Eruption

Photographer unknown

Moonrise Over Santorini Greece

Credit: http://www.inout.gr

Castle In The Snow

Source: http://www.castlesphotos.com


Credit: James Vernacotola apod.nasa.gov

Random Photo 10

He stood there for 20 minutes. Photographer Unknown.

Ballpoint Pen Art

Seen on: uberhumor

Night Launch

Credit: apod.nasa.gov

Building Covered With Ivy

Photographer unknown


Credit: http://www.animals-photos.net

Lunar Parthenon


Literary Painted Stairway

I like this stairway.

Tunnel Of Trees

The tunnel of trees is located outside of Rivne, Ukraine.

Photographer unknown

Click on photo to enlarge it.

This Is What You Call Bending Over Backwards

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Beautiful photo of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Click on photo to enlarge it.

Photo credit: wikimedia.org

Waterfalls 2012 – Worth1000 Contests

I remember this waterfall, as I use to live one block away. The name of the river is Pow Wow, in Amesbury, MA.

Photo credit: Ratbar Steward

Waterfalls 2012 – Worth1000 Contests.

2D Photography Rube Goldberg

‘Are you talking to Siri?’: Martin Scorsese Slips Taxi Driver Reference Into iPhone Spot (Video) | Observer

I didn’t realize the cab has the same license plate number as in the movie Taxi.

Read it at the New York Observer.

‘Are you talking to Siri?’: Martin Scorsese Slips Taxi Driver Reference Into iPhone Spot (Video) | Observer.

A Man And His Dog

What better friend could a man have.

Photographer unknown

Black & White Photo Of The Manhattan Bridge Under Construction

Photographer unknown

Click on photo to enlarge it.

Aerial Photo Of Manhattan (NYC)

Photographer unknown

Brick Laying Machine

Seen on uberhumor

Body Paint: Woman On Bench

Seen on: uberhumor

Full Moon In Greece

Found it on uberhumor

A Castle In Ireland

Seen on: uberhumor

A Bridge In Norway

Seen on: uberhumor

Homeless Man With His Dog

Seen on: uberhumor

Moss Bridges, Ireland

Seen on: uberhumor

Reindeer Farm, Mongolia

Seen on: uberhumor

Strange Rain Coats

Seen on: break.com



This Is What Trees Look Like On Acid

Seen on: uberhumor.com

First Ever