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Barking In The Dark

From yesterday’s New York Times: “Then during the second general election debate, Candy Crowley, then a CNN correspondent drew the ire of Republicans by fact-checking Mitt Romney in real time on live television.”

Republicans all over the country were  up in arms  as the hour for last night’s Republican Presidential candidates’ debate drew closer.

Said County Republican Chairman Harley Rae Bob Jimmy Joe Flemm of Fetid Hole Hollow Mississippi; “mah daddy tol’ me facts is jes’ thangs that’s gits in da way of da truth.”

He paused to take a sip of Mountain Dew then continued; “it is absoid to boiden dese good folk who are runnin’ fer da mos’ hahest office in the woild wit’ such picayune thangs as dese he-ah so-called  facts  (he made the air quotes sign.) Dese he-ah so-called  facts  ain’t nuthin’ but some lib’ral commie talkin’ points dat the Democrat pahty uses ta…

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Went To The Hop

Went to the hop,
and did the hop,
and I hopped, and
hopped, kept right
on hopping, until
I hopped smack face
first into the brick
wall, broke my glasses,
flattened the nose,
lips swollen, scraped
and bruised forehead,
and a broken jaw.

It looks like my days
of doing the hop, is
now history.
A fictional short story.