there is no
need for a
man of 70
who is supposedly
the president
tweets on twitter
like he is seven
years old

the guy is
a total
and should
be shown the

he has no fucking
idea of how the
government works
and doesn’t
give a rat’s
ass about who
he disparages
and makes fun of

Short Story

The well known eccentric man of means, takes his battery operated toy poodle for a walk. When asked he walks a toy dog he replies, the dog needs to do its daily constitution. He tells people, that he is sick and tired of waking up in the morning, to see a puddle of pee, and a mound of shit on the floor. He never did say what he supposedly feeds the so-called dog, besides new batteries.

Short Story

Mr. Idea Man is down in the dumps, because he cannot think of any new ideas. He’s hoping it is only a temporary lapse, as people of all walks of life, come to hear him. If he doesn’t, he may have to look for another line of work.