Passing The Time While Enduring The Heat Wave

No need to remind anyone of the relentless heat wave, that’s gripping the northeast, and other parts of the country.

Basically, I go for my walk early in the morning, before the temps spike back up, and the high humidity that is included. Then its doing crosswords, book reading, posting on my blog (if I’m up to it), and watching anything that is worth watching on the boob tube. Plus my daily dosage of black coffee, and bottled water. All this in the comforts of A/C, as I reside in high rise building, with a brick exterior. Brick does hold in the heat, so if there was no A/C, I’d be roasting my ass off.


From my email inbox:

After a Southern man moved from Atlanta to a New Jersey suburb, a

fellow passenger on a train asked how he liked it in the country.

“It was difficult at first,” the man replied, “but it’s a lot better since I

got myself a paramour.”

The passenger was astonished.  “A paramour?” he said.  “Does your wife


“Sure”, said the Southerner.  “She doesn’t care how I cut the grass.”
Paramour: an illicit lover